Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Saturday in downtown Keene

Here in the Keene area, we are fortunate to have such a nice community. Today, thanks to the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce, was the annual Ice and Snow Festival. It's a great way to get out of the house during the winter and the weather could not have been better. Many people were out on the town and the children looked to be having lots of fun.  The Festival is most well-known for its carved ice sculptures, although carved things are not unique to this festival.


But that wasn't the only thing going on in downtown Keene today!  There was also the 7th annual Seed Celebration and Sustainable Community Fair hosted by the Emerson Brook Forest Sustainability Project.  They had workshops, food, information, a band, and I spoke with some very interesting people.  A Walpole cheesemaker told me about bathing a cheese with saltwater for two months in order to get a natural outer rind.  And I also learned that the Monadnock Community Market is on schedule to break ground in April.  It will be a treat to begin shopping there!

Finally, I stopped at Hannah Grimes, where they host the winter Farmers' Market.  Patti Powers from Cheshire Garden was there to greet me, selling her preserves and mustards.  I couldn't resist picking up a jar of Tweedledum's Damson Plum Preserve.  She said that the plum trees all have sheet-metal collars around them, to protect them from porcupines who will strip the bark and kill the trees.  Say what you will about porcupines, but they have good taste.  That jelly makes the filet mignon of peanut butter sandwiches.

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