Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mount Caesar

There are at least three old cemeteries in Swanzey.  Today I visited the one in Swanzey Center at Mount Caesar.  If it looks cold, that's just because of the snow.  For someone moving around, it was quite comfortable.

On the right is the final resting place of Roswell Whitcomb (of Whitcomb House fame).  Here's a close up:

 He only had two children, with his first wife, and married his last wife when he was 75 years old.  Adrienne Naylor, a guest of the Bridges Inn, has been doing research on Mary Whitcomb based on an unidentified diary that she found at the Boston Public Library. Would wife number two be the same Mary Whitcomb?

Mount Caesar is a small hill in Swanzey Center.  There's a short trail up to the top of it, less than an hour round trip.  It's a very nice hike with a panoramic view like you'd expect on a taller mountain.  The Swanzey Airport can be seen on the left and the Bridges Inn is somewhere on the right, though not distinguishable in the photo.

A historical tour of Swanzey's old cemeteries along with presentations on the history of Swanzey will be part of the annual Swanzey Old Home Day program, which is scheduled  for Saturday, July 21, 2012. Mark your calendar and watch for details!

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