Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cheshire Fair

It is a very special weekend here in Swanzey, NH, as the town hosts the Cheshire Fair.  Started in 1938, this is the fair's 74th year and runs from August 1st until Sunday, August 5th.  There is something there for everyone.  Livestock is the focus and you can see cows, bulls, llamas, sheep, and horses.  There are oxen, horse, and tractor pulls.  This year they are featuring monster trucks.  And on Sunday, the the fair ends with great fanfare as they hold the demolition derby.  The entire schedule can be viewed here.

The Bridges Inn is just a few miles away and we went there for opening day.  There is a festive atmosphere.  Immediately upon entering, you can hear the live band.

It is a long walk to go through the entire fairgrounds.  There is really a lot to see there.  We visited the animals, and then made our way to the Midway, where you'll find games, rides, and food.  The Cheshire Fair also has great shopping, including toys, handbags, clothes, stickers, and other collectibles.  There is even a booth for the Liberty Radio Network, which hosts Radio Free Keene.

The Cheshire Fair is a fun family outing.  We would certainly recommend that you go and have a good time!