Thursday, May 2, 2013

Making Improvements - Coombs Bridge Room

Any building as big and old as the Whitcomb House, which was built in 1792, is always going to need something. When Susan bought it in November 2006, she knew there would be projects ahead, but what a journey it has been!

We have done extensive landscaping, repairs to the slate roof, painting inside and out, ceiling and floor repairs/replacement, a new bolier (furnace), plumbing enhancements, electrical upgrades, re-wallpapering the double parlor, and the list goes on. A winter project involved washing and repairing windows of which we have about 60!

In the Coombs Bridge Room, in addition to repairs to the windows -- replacing glass, repairing wooden frames and sashes -- we hung new wallpaper. The general consensus is that the room is cheerier now.

Our guests love the light, welcoming appearance!

Cozy wicker table and chairs with coffe maker, complimentary bottled water, chocolates, etc.
This is not new; just looks more inviting!
BEFORE - This is how Coombs used to look, shown with bathroom

AFTER - This is how Coombs looks now, shown with bathroom    

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